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Headbourne Worthy Village

Headbourne Worthy Parish Council is in the process of setting up a new website, just for the residents of Headbourne Worthy. Please visit to take a look.

Headbourne Worthy is a mixed rural / semi-rural downland parish, with a large part of the area devoted to farmland and open countryside. It lies approximately 2 miles (3.2km) to the north of Winchester on the western side of the Itchen Valley, separated by open farm land adjacent to Andover Road North (Barton Farm). Kings Worthy lies to its north eastern side and the two villages meet at Springvale Road, Nations Hill and Mount Pleasant.

The village has countryside status and the older part of the village is designated as a Local Gap in Policy CE.2 of the Winchester District Local Plan (Adopted 2006). A Local Gap is an important area of undeveloped land and open countryside designated by the Local Planning Authority as a means of conserving the separate identity of smaller settlements.

No of Households: 216 (2010) Hampshire County Council Small Area Population Forecasts 2008.
Population: 392 (2010) Hampshire County Council Small Area Population Forecasts 2008.
District Council: Winchester City Council
Electoral Ward: Sparsholt
County Council: Hampshire County Council
Electoral Division: Itchen Valley
Parliamentary Constituency: Winchester
European Parliamentary Constituency: South East England

Headbourne Worthy Parish Council
Headbourne Worthy Parish Council looks after the interests of the parish where empowered to do so, bringing any other needs of the parish, to the attention of the relevant authority. It responds to consultation documents and requests from a diverse range of other bodies and authorities. The council receives the money it needs to carry out its responsibilities from Winchester City Council, this is called the precept (a mandatory demand) and the amount is shown as part of the Council Tax Bill levied on each household in the parish by Winchester City Council. Headbourne Worthy currently has one of the lowest precepts in the county.

A map showing the Parish Boundaries is available.

The Parish Council arranges an Annual Parish Meeting, occasional village social events, and an annual Spring Clean.

Whilst the council has no powers to make planning decisions, as this is the responsibility of the District and County Councils, all planning issues relating to the parish do come before the council for consultation and comment. It then has a duty to ascertain the views of affected residents and respond accordingly to Winchester City Council and/or Hampshire County Council. This may be solely by a simple written response or it may entail one of your councillors appearing at a planning meeting or enquiry, to protect the interests of the parish as a whole, such as at The Barton Farm Enquiry.

Members of the public are able to attend the regular parish council meetings to express their views on a particular planning application when it is being discussed. Occasionally, with larger developments or controversial planning issues, it may be necessary to facilitate a public meeting where all parties may present their issues, prior to the Parish Council making a response to the appropriate authority.

Current Initiatives
Headbourne Worthy Parish Council is currently working on a number of initiatives to improve the Parish:
* Bus Shelter on London Road
* Wildflower planting at two locations in the village
* Lengthsman: The Parish Council has been trialling the new Lengthsman Scheme since the New Year: a few days per year of general maintenance. So far, the response has been incredibly positive. If you have suggestions, please contact Cllr Claire Welland who is co-ordinating the Work List.