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Harry Whorwood (Chair)

Born at Shawford, David says that he is now the proud owner of a bus pass. A retired Hampshire police officer having served for 32 years throughout the county and on the Isle of Wight married to Sheila, the former Parish Clerk. For the past 13 years has lived in Worthy Road, not far from St. Swithun's Church.

David can be seen regularly walking around the village with his two mongrel rescue dogs, one black and the other black and white, which David says, just like him, are beginning to show their age.

Co-opted onto the Parish Council about 10 years ago he has no political affiliation but acts in the interests of all parishioners. David has particular responsibilities for 'footpaths and rights of way', together with 'Neighbourhood Watch'.

With one of the lowest precepts in the district David believes that it can be maintained, by avoiding unnecessary expense and providing value for money. Headbourne Worthy is essentially a rural community providing an oasis of calm which acts as a buffer between the city and King's Worthy.

He does accept that some changes are inevitable, but is very keen to preserve the character of the village and do what he can to stop creeping urbanisation and expensive cosmetic tinkering, as there is often no going back!
Jane Rutter

Jane was first elected to the Parish Council in May 2006. She has lived in the Worthys for fifteen years, first in Kings Worthy, before moving to Headbourne Worthy six years ago. She is married to Duncan, a solicitor in Winchester, and they have three children, the eldest two being now away at university. You will often see Jane walking with her two dogs, a golden retriever and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel around the village, especially when it's not raining.

In May 2010 she was elected to serve as one of the Winchester City Councillor's for Kings Worthy, representing the Liberal Democrats. She firmly believes that we should all be as involved as we can in our local communities, and really the Worthys are one community, although served by two very different but complementary, parish councils. Jane is a firm supporter of our excellent community website, and also is the editor of the Headbourne Worthy Village News, which is published three times a year.

She aims to continue her role on the Parish Council whilst representing our neighbouring parish on the City Council.
Claire Welland

Claire was born in Wiltshire, and after some years working in London, moved to Headbourne Worthy in 2009 with her husband and two small children.

After a career in management consultancy and finance IT, she decided to take some time out to care for her children. Her son attends Kings Worthy Primary School.

Her main motivation as a Parish Councillor is to bring additional drive and enthusiasm to delivering on the Parish Council's objectives. However as a parent herself, her particular interest is in serving the many families that live in the Parish.
Harry Whorwood

Harry and his wife Sandie have worked variously in Reading, London and Southampton before moving on to second careers and opening their own retail business in Winchester. They first moved to Kings Worthy in 1985 and remember fondly the honesty box on the Headbourne Worthy watercress beds; 20p in exchange for a bag of watercress!

In 2001 they moved into the village when they spotted their dream home, what was then the new house by the watercress beds. Harry is a keen advocate of retaining what is special about Headbourne Worthy, whilst recognising that change will always occur. The unique value of the village as a country/wild life/urban mix is a difficult challenge for every one of us and he is pleased for the opportunity to maintain the fine record of those worthy predecessors and the successes of the Parish Council.
Claire Duncan

More details to follow...
Christine Clarke-Smith

Christine and her family lived in Luxembourg (where her children were born) for 7 years followed by 33 years in Brussels. She was a primary school teacher, first at the European School in Luxembourg and then at The British School in Brussels. Whilst enjoying the benefits of a European capital city and the contacts they made there within the international community, after 40 years it was time to return to the UK, where they had never lived together as a couple, having met abroad. They chose Winchester initially because they have a son and granddaughter living nearby, but soon came to appreciate what a beautiful Cathedral city it is. She has also become a steward in the Cathedral, introducing visitors to the Winchester Bible and the Morley Library.

They moved to the village in October 2011 and very quickly felt at home here, despite having lived abroad for so long. They have been delighted by the warmth and friendliness of neighbours and already feel part of the community. Christine and her husband both feel a strong commitment to the area and it is for this reason she was keen to become a member of the Parish Council. She has time and energy and hope that she has a valid contribution to make.

David Barrow

Headbourne Worthy Parish Councillors

Headbourne Worthy Parish Council consists of seven councillors, who stand for four years, after which new elections are held and overseen by Winchester City Council. The last elections for Headbourne Worthy were held in May 2014. In addition to the seven councillors there is a Parish Clerk.

Details of Parish Councillors are available on our new website: