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Kings Worthy 'Bag It Bin It!' Poo Policy

!! Click 'Here' for the Bag It Bin It Leaflet !!

In The Village Dog Fouling Is An Offence
Please bag and bin your dog’s poo anywhere within our village boundary.

Let’s keep it clean for everybody to enjoy.

This includes all footpaths and any green areas alongside these. This applies to our parks and any wooded areas within or alongside our parks, such as Broadview, Church Green, Eversley and Hinton.

Click here to view our ‘Kings Worthy Dog Bin Map’.

If in doubt, Bag It Bin It!

Failing to clear up after your dog is anti-social, smelly and can spread diseases that affect both humans, such as toxocariasis, and dogs, such as parvovirus. Unfortunately, dog poo issues are often caused by just a few irresponsible owners. If you see another dog fouling, encourage its owner to ‘bag it’ and ‘bin it’.

Do you know of an area that is regularly fouled and not cleared? Do you have information about a dog walker who fails to pick up? Please try to provide as much detail as possible and contact the Parish Office.

Dog fouling is an offence and can attract on the spot fines of up to £1000.

On Countryside Paths Disposal Of Poo Bags
Provided these paths are well away from the village boundary and residential areas located on the boundary, you do not need to bag and bin dog deposits in the countryside.

Please do keep paths and verges clean by flicking dog poo into shrubs, bushes and undergrowth. It will then rot down and fellow walkers won’t step in it.

However, keep farmland and grassy fields clear of dog faeces.

Our parks and green or wooded areas anywhere within our village boundary are not considered to be countryside!

Please don’t throw your poo bag over a fence, hang it from a tree or leave it on a path. Place your poo bags in a dog waste or dual purpose bin.

If this is not possible, take the bag home and put it in your own bin.