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Our Dog Friendly Village

Your Best Friend Is Welcome, Too! New Dog Bin Map
When you next plan a meal out or arrange to meet up at your local with friends, consider taking your four-legged friend along, or better still, combine your outing with a lovely walk through our beautiful village and adjoining countryside.

The Cart & Horses, The King Charles, the Worthies Sports and Social Club and the Good Life Café are all dog friendly!

Kings Worthy has 14 dog waste bins situated in various locations across the village. Click here to view our ‘Kings Worthy Dog Bin Map’.

The Parish Council is working with people like you to ensure bins are located where they are needed most.

If there is a location you think would benefit from a dog bin, please contact the Parish Office.

Things My Human Can Do To Help Can I Run And Play Off Lead?
You can help reduce potential health risks to the public and other dogs by regularly worming your dog every 3-6 months and ensuring vaccinations are up-to-date.

You might want to consider checking the locations of dog bins on your walking routes so that you can dispose of waste responsibly.

Click here to read our 'Bag It Bin It' Poo Policy.

Always be considerate of others when out and about with your dog.

Dogs love to run and play. Furthermore, both dogs and their owners enjoy such moments to socialise with both other dogs and their humans!

It’s acceptable for dogs to run and play off lead in enclosed areas or on paths where the dog’s owner feels assured of their dog’s safety and well-being,
- unless bye-laws state that dogs must be kept on a lead,
- and provided the dog is friendly
- and remains under the owner’s control, view and attention at all times.